1.Complete your profile at  www.p1capitalpartners.co.uk  This will include telling us what type of investor you are, and us checking that you have understood the risks.   

2.Place your order for the Bonds   

3.We will then complete the necessary ID checks  (
We might need to ask you for further information at this stage).  

4.Make your payment to the Client Money Account Payments are accepted by cheque or bank transfer.  As an investor you have a 14-day ‘cooling-off period’ from the date of your order, during which time you are able to withdraw your investment.  When the tranche closing date is reached, we will complete the paperwork and security agreement with the Borrower on your behalf. This process normally takes up to a week and we will not transfer funds until we have the signed security agreement.  Bond Certificates are then issued and this is when you will start to earn interest. You can download a digital copy of your Bond Certificate from your account on  www.p1capitalpartners.co.uk.
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