The P1 CP Secured Bonds (“Bond”) can be held in an ISA, which means that any interest paid on the Bond would be tax free.  Investors who wish to use some or all of their ISA allowance to invest in this Bond can open an IFISA at and transfer funds into that account before investing.  The annual allowance is currently £20,000 and you can also opt to transfer additional funds in from external ISAs from previous tax years. There is no limit on the amount of existing ISAs that can be transferred into your P1CP ISA.  Bonds can also be held in some SIPP and SSAS wrappers, provided they accept non-standard assets (the Bonds are regulated but not listed, so are classed as non-standard assets). If you would like to invest through a SIPP or a SSAS wrapper, please contact the P1CP team and we will be happy to help with the approval and investment process.  If this Bond is held by an individual or trust outside of an IFISA wrapper or in a SIPP or SSAS it will have income tax deducted at source, details of which will   be available at the time interest is paid and annually.  Investors are responsible for their own tax reporting. Please note, terms and conditions apply and tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each investor.
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